Niradi is the ringed planet of five summers, five winters and five gods; inhabited primarily by the psychic Edralin (the Firstfolk, the Origal, as well as their more arcane-oriented cousins, the Shornfolk) the birdlike Aglaya, the long-dead Hel (whose ghosts were said to roam, planetlocked, forever pining for their homeworld) the hardy and impervious Shirk, the resourceful and intelligent Vrexi, and the mysterious inhabitants of the Ayurs and the Maelstrom. And of course, there’s humans. Last but not least, there also long-dead civilizations, hidden evils, and hosts of wildlife, all mildly sapient and all highly interesting to stare at.

This is the wiki dedicated to all sorts of details about them.

Obviously this is going to be a long-term thing. Hopefully I’ll stick around and actually continue to produce content for it. Mostly it’ll be a private resource, but in case you’re new here and wondering where the eff you are, hello and welcome! Expect history, culture, language…well, once I get around to writing it. It’s still mostly in my mind.